Digital Marketing Manager

Ideal for businesses that require hands-on digital marketing management and strategy. A committed, proactive approach where I take the digital weight, provide solutions and deliver new opportunities aligned with your business goals.

Digital Marketing Platforms managed by Neil McHugh

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do

Setup, manage, audit, maintain, monitor, analyse, interpret, share, test, measure, fix, plan, create, engage, report, develop, suggest, optimise, build, explore, grow.
(eats and sleeps occasionally)




setup, customise, optimise

Google Analytics

traffic insights and analysis

Google Search Console

search management and indexing

Google My Business

local search and awareness


technical, on-page, off-page, local

Content Marketing

concept, optimistation, amplification


business pages, groups and adverts


profile, stream and growth


pages, groups and adverts

Social other*

inc instagram, youtube, pinterest


Adwords, Bing, Remarketing

How do you work

I work on a freelance basis, depending on capacity I can provide temporary cover, fixed term contracts, projects, full and part time support. There are also flexible options, X days per week, X days per month to grow your business.

Where do you work

I work from home or remotely unless contracted internally, I communicate with clients however they prefer, (calls, email, video or face to face meetings). I can often be found meeting clients or catching up on emails in lower Caversham, Reading. Alternatively, I'll be somewhere between central Reading and London.

Who do you work with

I enjoy and provide the most value working closely with businesses who have a great service, cause or product with digital growth potential but lack internal resource, time or expertise. These are often solopreneurs, start-ups, local businesses, SME's and charities, who by their nature may not be in the position to employ an experienced full-time digital professional, making my freelance flexibility and experience an attractive, cost efficient option to grow their business.

What makes you different

Hands-on experience as a digital business owner. Digital has been my livelihood since 2004, I have embraced a hands-on approach to many of the digital disciplines to drive growth for my businesses, delivering £1m revenue for my first business and more recently leading the other to a successful exit. This provides a strong foundation to do what I do.

Next step

Let's talk about your business, schedule a 20 min call at a time that works for you. A free consultation to have an informal chat about what you do, any challenges you are facing and provide advice where I can, no obligation.

ASK A QUESTION Tweet me your digital question or challenge and I'll be happy to help @neil_mchugh #askSME