Crafting and sharing the highest quality content in their particular fields, these Digital Rockstars regularly stand out in my Twitter stream. If you are in Digital at any level or new to Digital, I thoroughly recommend hitting the follow button.

They may not know it, but the list below has supported and educated me in many ways during the past decade.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary VaynerchuckFounder of Vayner Media, Investor, Author and host of the #AskGaryVee show. Grew his family business from $3m to $60m within five years. Gary has a fascinating success story and continues to share his journey and inspire others. I love his honesty, humility, and humour along with his incredible work ethic while balancing family life. These traits aren’t often visible in a Twitter stream which is why you also have to watch his show. There is clearly an agenda from Gary to build brand and community, but he and his team provide so much value that it isn’t a barrier. His content has mass appeal, college leavers, budding entrepreneurs, digital professionals and business owners can all benefit.

Danny Sullivan

Danny SullivanFounding Editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. An industry veteran and cited authority on search related topics and developments since 1994. Trusted, respected and always on the scene with the breaking news, insight, and discussion. His Twitter is a mix of industry articles, his opinions, questions and about life in Newport Beach. If it’s a slow news day, expect paddleboard photos or drone footage.

Rand Fishkin

Rand FishkinWizard of Moz, co-founder of, Blogger, and Speaker, a key figure in the industry. I’m a long-term follower of Moz and Rand. Moz is a great marketing analytics platform, and Rand is an industry leader with a proactive, hands-on approach. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and digital insight, he also shares his personal journey as a business owner and Moz’s performance as a company. I particularly enjoy his Whiteboard Friday sessions, always in-depth, current with actionable strategies and reasoning.

Neil Patel

Neil PatelFounder of CrazyEgg and co-founder of Kissmetrics. Neil also blogs on Digital strategy, regularly producing high-quality content full of practical advice, walk through’s and case studies. I’m often amazed at the depth of content he provides, and it’s rare to see any of his articles have less than 100 comments. For me, Neil excels at presenting strategies and tactics that are backed up with data, diagrams and reason, pulling together all of the pieces and adding practical advice that anyone can follow. If you want to get the most from his content, don’t expect to skim read.

Larry Kim

Larry KimFounder of Wordstream, Speaker, Blogger and columnist for Inc Magazine and Search Engine Land. Voted most influential PPC expert 3 year’s running and most retweeted individual by search marketers in 2014 are just 2 of many accolades. An essential follow if you ever log in to Adwords. However, his expertise is not limited to PPC; you will also find valuable insight and commentary relating to search marketing, social marketing, and conversions.

Lee Odden

Lee OddenFounder of Top Rank Marketing, Author, and Speaker. I first discovered Lee in 2012 after reading his popular book “Optimize”. Lee is a long-standing digital marketer from the late 90s who identifies and shares the good stuff. He also provides strategic consultancy for content marketing, search marketing, and social media strategy.


Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg FitzpatrickSocial Media Strategist, Speaker, and Author. A social media butterfly, passionate about social with large followings and engagement. Co-Authored “The Art of Social Media” with Guy Kawasaki. Super positive and her stream is full of actionable tips to supercharge your social activity across all platforms. Having read the book she is a natural follow for anyone looking to build and improve their social strategy.

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus ShepardDirector of Audience Development at Moz, Speaker, and Author. Passionate about SEO, a wealth of advanced and technical knowledge, I always find his posts highly detailed, fact-based and informative as do the MOZ community. Hates the phrase “SEO Expert” as do I.



Jayson DeMers

Jayson DeMersFounder of Audience Bloom and columnist at Forbes, Inc and Huff Post among others. Clicking through to a useful Forbes article to find Jayson is the author has become a trend for me. Content and social marketing are at the core of what he does, but as all founders do he has knowledge in all areas of Digital producing a variety of useful articles that can support your overall strategy.

Brian Honigman

Brian HonigmanFounder of Honigman Media, Speaker, and contributor to Wall St Journal, Forbes, and The Next Web. Included in Search Engine Watch’s “SEO Experts to follow” and “Seasoned Digital Marketing Expert” by Forbes. If you are working on a content or social media strategy, his Twitter stream is full of great articles and takeaways.


Annie Cushing

Annie CushingFounder of Annielytics, Annie loves Google Analytics and Data. I think it was the end of 2012 she posted an article on site audits combined with a spreadsheet checklist that she continued to update in Google docs making it accessible to everyone. I was blown away by the detail and such a valuable resource. If you need more support than what she is giving away for FREE on her blog or Twitter, Annie also provides consultancy services including Analytics Audits, Analytics Training, Site Audits and Data driven SEO.

Nate Dame

Nate DameFounder of Propecta, Speaker, and Columnist. Nate’s Twitter stream focuses on SEO and Content Marketing but if often goes deeper, user intent, keyword research, landing pages for SAAS, Google’s Knowledge Graph are just a few examples. Insightful, actionable guides and content, I always find value when I see Nate in my stream.

Kevan Lee

Kevan LeeContent Crafter at Buffer HQ. I don’t have the numbers but would guess Kevan would be very high up on the list of Tweets I have starred or sent to Pocket since January this year. His social sharing statistics confirms I’m not alone. I have a natural passion for his article topics, all relevant to today’s digital landscape. I think Kevan particular presents and structures each article very well, often long form but always worth reading and are packed with actionable tasks to improve your digital strategy.

Mark Traphagen

Mark TraphagenSenior Director of Online Marketing at Stone Temple. Hugely passionate about Digital, Mark is in the trenches every day. First on my radar over at Google+ where he has over 130k followers. Detailed insight, analysis on key industry topics, active in discussions, debate and never far from new developments or strategies.

Joost de Valk

Joost De ValkFounder of Yoast, Consultant, Blogger and Speaker. An authority on SEO and WordPress, a hugely respected long-standing expert in his field. A superhero in WordPress circles with over 10m downloads of his essential WordPress plugins. Joost also provides consultancy services, including site audits, reviews, and full-scale SEO projects. An essential follow.

Chris Spooner

Chris SpoonerFounder of Spoon Graphics. I have a passion for graphic design; I’m comfortable with Photoshop but no expert. I started following Chris a few years back; Chris is an expert! I love how he presents his work, guides, and video tutorials comes across as a genuine, helpful guy that has built a business through his passion. Lots to learn from him on Twitter or by subscribing to his newsletter, an essential follow for anyone that has Photoshop installed.

Everyone included above is in my Digital Rockstars Twitter list that you can subscribe too. Do you have a Digital Rockstar you would have included? Have I introduced you to anyone new? Let me know in the comments below.

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