Having had a few months off at the start of the year, I decided to tackle my Inbox. Daily I would be scrolling through emails on my phone, only to find many were an obscure promotion or newsletter I had signed up to years ago that was of no interest.

Looking back the sad thing is for a long time I would scroll down the phone, clearing out all the junk emails that continued to pile up daily. Just to be clear I wasn’t receiving spam, my email platform does a pretty good job of filtering that out.

My Problem

It was just a consequence of being online for a number of years. My primary email platform also had various business and domain email’s plugged into it as well as my personal address.

My Inbox and archive are pretty much a historical timeline of everything I have ever done online so you can imagine. Business-related subscriptions, conferences, forums, affiliate network programmes, social accounts and personal use, travel, purchases, tickets, etc.

My Solution

After identifying the most regular and irrelevant emails, unsubscribing (which doesn’t always work) and then removing myself from any inactive affiliate programmes, I discovered the service Unroll.me. If I recall it was via a friend on Facebook or an advert. Unroll.me is a FREE service that I subscribed to 7th January and continue to use today.

In a nutshell, upon signing up it analyses your inbox/archive and identifies the very types of emails I have described above. You then have the opportunity to review before the service begins rolling them up for you into one daily digestible email for you to manage. (You do get to choose how frequent and when to receive the roll up).

Looking at my report in their interface they are taking care of between 10-20 emails a day for me. This is the same email that was clogging up my inbox waiting for me to delete or file.

The Unroll.me control panel is easy to use and has options to Unsubscribe, categorise or stop rolling up a particular item if needed. Once the service is activated, it also creates a new folder in your actual inbox labelled Unroll.me, allowing you to see and manage the emails that are being included in the daily roll up.

You may also find use in the service for emails that you do read and enjoy but would prefer 1 email to digest versus 20, this can also be achieved in the same manner.

I’m delighted with the service and hope it can provide some benefit to you or your business. I have far better things to do than deleting or filing emails or have my attention taken away by unnecessary email and I’m sure you do too.

Unroll.me currently supports Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. If you have any other questions, check out their FAQ.

I am not affiliated with this tool, service or business, nor is this a paid or guest post. My posts are not commercially influenced, and all opinions are my own.